Although Pizza originated in Italy, as claimed by the Italians, it is a fact that this yummy plate of bread is enjoyed by a lot of people around the world. Some people think about a pizza because a whole meal. Why not? This guide will show you the body of a perfect pizza and why it’s for you.
The dough consists of premium quality flour, salt, water, yeast and olive oil. Some people today use an Italian double-zero flour, durum flour, a combination of both or any other class flour. The pizza bread, once baked, is full of carbs which will give you energy to continue with your day.
Tomato Sauce - This really is actually the foundation sauce in any pizza. It is quite crucial that any pizzeria captures the ideal flavor of their tomato sauce because this could break or make your pizza. Tomato is abundant on omega-3, an antioxidant that helps prevent cancer and promote healthy cells.
Cheese - a pizza will never be a pizza without the popular Mozzarella cheese. Though a few other pizzeria adds other variety of cheese, Mozzarella is still the hottest cheese for pizzas. Since cheese is a milk-based solution, it is therefore very rich in calcium. Calcium helps make our bones and teeth stronger.

Fats - as pizza has been cooked, oil in the meat and cheese comes out. The fat in the pizza, may be dangerous in surplus, is beneficial in moderate intake because fat keeps healthy hair and skin, keeps body temperature, and promotes healthy cell function.
And with the right mixture of the dough, tomato sauce, toppings and cheese, one can make the perfect pizza for that perfect occasion; Whether, it could be birthday celebrations, office parties, beer parties or just enjoying that delicious slice alone or with somebody while watching your favorite TV series. You can enjoy your tasty and mouth-watering thin crust, thick crust or perhaps stuffed crust perfect pizza. With just pizza perfect of imagination and a good sense of flavor you can make your own perfect pizza.